Payroll Bureau/Outsource

Payroll Bureau/Outsource

Payroll is a challenging and complex area for most businesses.

We offer compliant, flexible and cost-effective outsourced payroll services with a team of payroll specialists, sharing 40+ years combined experience in payroll solutions, processes and legislation.

A passionate team who will focus on managing your entire monthly payroll process, assuring that you can focus valuable time and competencies on your core business.

With a proven track record of delivering at the highest standards, our secure payroll processing services take the stress out of payroll time and gives you peace of mind, whether you have one employee or hundreds.

Dependent on the client’s requirements, an Employee Self Service (ESS) is available via a secure web-based login, allowing employees access to specific tasks, viewing payslips and PAYE5 certificates.

Performance Management Hosting



Reliable, flexible, secure and cost-effective payroll solution with transparent monthly fees.

Creating a desktop in the cloud allows you to run your payroll over the internet with access to Microsoft and additional payroll applications from anywhere via an internet connection.

With a cloud hosted payroll, you retain more control over your data, still having peace of mind with improved resilience, security and regular off-site data backups.

Cut costs and improve productivity, while taking advantage of the system performance, stability and availability at anytime, anywhere!

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Real-time, Transparent and Accurate Performance Assessments.

Employee performance assessments is one of the critical functions of the Human Resources department. Employee’s performance can be automated and tracked in real-time, using the SmartHR cloud software.

Allowing management and executives to have immediate access to data analyses leverage built-in dashboards and reporting.

Performance evaluations are work flowed, assigned and completed on-line. Evaluations available includes: Employee / Manager reviews, 360° assessments, general employee surveys and more.

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Administration of the company’s Fixed Assets Register (FAR) on the leading-edge D-BIT Fixed Assets Software, compliant to GAAP and IFRS accounting rules.

Outsourcing option available for Fixed Assets Registers ranging from 1 to 1000 items.

Providing general ledger batch for fixed assets accounting entries.

Annual reconciliation between the General Ledger and FAR with complete Fixed Assets reporting for financial and audit purposes.

Offering an accurate, flexible and cost-effective solution with access to 30+ years of financial experience in fixed assets administration and management.

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Training courses presented by certified and experienced trainers:

Human Resources:

o SmartHR System User Training (Core and Advanced Modules)
o SmartHR ESS User Training


o Payroll Administration Training
(Incl. The Namibian Tax and Labour Act – where applicable to the payroll.)
o D-BIT Payroll System User Training
o D-BIT ESS User Training
o D-BIT HR User Training

Fixed Assets:

o Fixed Assets Administration Training
o Fixed Assets Verification and Physical Auditing Training
o D-BIT Fixed Assets System User Training
o D-BIT Fixed Assets Mobile App User Training

Uniform Management Control:

o Simplify Uniform Management User Training